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About Us

About the Founder

Urhobo Progress Union America (UPUA) is the umbrella organization of all Urhobo organizations and people resident in North America. In December 2003, it was so recognized and accredited at the annual Urhobo Day Congress held in the auditorium of the Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Effurun, Delta State, Nigeria, by the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Worldwide, the mother organization of all Urhobo people worldwide. This historic event occurred during the administration of former President Dr. Austin Atiyota (2003-2007). Urhobo Progress Union America membership is open to all Urhobo people by birth, marriage, or by adoption of Urhobo ethnicity and culture.


The day to day administration of the association is the responsibility of the Executive Committee (EC) headed by the President, who is elected (every other year) at the annual convention for a 2-year term. The President may be re-elected for a second 2-year term if he or she seeks re-election and is duly elected and shall not serve for more than 4 years. The policy making body is the Board of Trustees (BOT), which comprises the Presidents of the various UPUA local Chapters. Urhobo sons and daughters are encouraged to organize grass root associations in their various communities in the North American Continent and should join UPUA through their local chapters. Non Urhobos who have adopted Urhobo ethnicity and culture, are encouraged to join UPUA directly as associate members. Be a part of a team and request your membership today!

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Our Vision

The members of Urhobo Progress Union America value our common ancestry and cultural heritage. The members understand the richness of our culture and traditional Urhobo value orientation. Our nonprofit believes in the critical importance of passing on to our children the positive aspects of Urhobo culture and values. Our nonprofit members recognize the impact of colonialism and other factors on our culture and values. Urhoboland, in traditional African political organization constitutes a nation of autonomous kingdoms and republics.  Our nonprofit is aware of the economic and political importance of Urhoboland to modern Nigeria. It is imperative to unite Urhobo people abroad and at home for the betterment of Urhoboland. This bedrock belief is fundamental to Urhobo Progress Union America who considers it a sacred responsibility for the development of Urhoboland. We encourage you join us in improving the quality of life for Urhoboland by donating today.

UPUA Constitution (Re-Ratified_Sept._2022)

Urhobo Kings

HRM Richard Layeguen Ogbon,(JP),PHD,RC,OON,Ogoni Oghoro I

The Owhorode of Olomu Kingdom

HRM Mike Omeru Ogurimerime, Ukori I

The Ovie of Agbon Kingdom

HRM Air Vice Marshal Lucky Ochuko Ararile (RTD), Avwaeke I

The Ovie of Oruarivie Abraka Kingdom

HRM Matthew Ediri Egbi,(JP), FOD, Owawha II

The Okobaro of Ughievwen Kingdom

HRM Samson Owhe,
Ogugu I

The Osuivie of Agbarho Kingdom

HRM Noble Eshemitan Uku Oghara N'Ame, Orefe III

The Ovie of Oghara Kingdom

HRM Akpomeyoma Majoroh , Ojeta II

The Ovie of Oruarivie Abraka Kingdom

HRM Richard Oghenevwogaga Ebelle(JP), Okorefe I

The Ovie of Agbarha-Otor Kingdom

HRM Wilson Ojakovo (JP),
Oharisi III

HRM Andrew Oghenevwodo, Osakpa III

The Ovie of Okparabae Kingdom

HRM Barr. Beltel Delekpe, Owhurhu I

The Ovie of Udu Kingdom

HRM Dr. King Johnson Enemudia Oyovwino (JP), Duku II

The Orovworere of Effurun-Oto Kingdom

HRM Emmanuel Ekemejewan Sideso(JP),OON,ABE I

The Ovie of Uvwie Kingdom

HRM Gen. Felix Mujakperuo(JP),Orhue I

The Orodje of Okpe Kingdom

HRM Jabin Onesa Mukoro, Okpo R'Ufuoma I

The Ovie of Eghwu Kingdom

HRM Matthew Iwemife Akpobi Omoga I

The Okpara-Uku of Orogun Kingdom

HRM Okiemute Onajite,
Igere I

The Ovie of Ogor Kingdom

HRM Orhifi Orovwagbarha Agbarha Ideh, Ememoh II

The Ovie of Agbarha (Warri) Kingdom

HRM Monday Obukowho Whiskey, Ovie of Idhjere

Udurhe 1 of Idjerhe Kingdom

HRM Emmanuel Okumagba 11, Ovie of Okere

The Orosuen of Okere Kingdom

HRM Oghenekevwe Owin Kuname, Eruvwedede III

The Ovie of Evwreni Kingdom

HRM Samson Omene
Udurhe I

The Ovie of Mosogar Kingdom

HRM Agbovwe Afugbeya,
Oyise II

The Odion Rhode of Uwheru Kingdom

HRM Solomom Okporhiere
Okukeren III

The Ovie of Arhavwarien Kingdon

Urhobo national anthem

(In Urhobo)

Urhobo eh, Orere r’Ivie sa-a. Urhobo eh, Orere r’Ivie sa-a. Urhobo kokore Ogbare eh,  Urhobo eh, Orere r’Ivie sa-a. Obo r’Urhobo jevwe na, Aso ‘fa jevwe otio ye-eh. Edefa me rhiakpo, Urhobo me wan rhe, Urhobo eh, Orere r’Ivie sa-a Anoma-a.

(English Translation) 

Hail Urhobo, ditinct land of royal people. Hail Urhobo, distinct land of royal people. Arise together, the time has come. Hail Urhobo, distinct land of royal people. The love I have for Urhobo Surpasses the love I have for any other place When next I come to this world  I willcome as Urhobo Hail Urhobo distinct land of royal people No doubt about this assertion