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We engage in a variety of Welfare and Emergency Relief Assistance programs that are specific to the real time needs of the Urhobo Nation by organizing medical outreach during the annual UPU Worldwide day celebration in Nigeria, and another kingdom chosen for a similar outreach program during the same period.


We run a scholarship awards program to qualified Urhobo descents at Government colleges and universities in Urhoboland; additional scholarship is given to two male, and two female freshmen in the United States. Our belief is that youth and young adults are the lifeblood of the Urhobo ways of life, and we want them to treasure this unique culture and heritage.

Language Competition

Urhobo Progress Union America holds an Annual Urhobo Language Competition in Urhoboland. In the last two years the organization has used the Lecture Theatre one of the Federal University of Petroleum Resources (FUPRE) for Government secondary school language competition. We offer cash prizes to the first three winners to encourage participants to gain a deeper grasp of the Urhobo language and culture. Additional consolation prizes are given.

Colonial Life Group Term Life Insurance (Members Only)

All registered UPUA members can take advantage of the Colonial Life Group Term Life Insurance and sign up through their local chapter representatives. We encourage all members to take advantage of the great opportunity to provide financial protection for their loved ones. 

If you are already a policy holder, we would encourage you to visit the Colonial life policyholder website to: Check your status and download or print a copy of  your policy/certificate of coverage.

UPUA National Contact

(713) 502-2094

(443) 938-7131