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Annually, we organize the Urhobo language competition for Children, young adult and adult members of UPUA. We also run a scholarship awards program to qualified Urhobo descents at Government colleges and universities in Urhoboland; additional scholarship is given to two male, and two female freshmen in the United States. Our belief is that youth and young adults are the lifeblood of the Urhobo ways of life, and we want them to treasure this unique culture and heritage. Urhobo Progress Union America is aware of the importance of clean water and committed to the installations of boreholes in various towns and villages in the 24 Kingdoms of Urhobo Nation. We engage in a variety of Welfare and Emergency Relief Assistance programs that are specific to the real time needs of the Urhobo Nation by organizing medical outreach during the annual UPU Worldwide day celebration in Nigeria, and another kingdom chosen for a similar outreach program during the same period. Help us accomplish our mission by becoming a sponsor today!


As a 501c3 association, UPUA relies on volunteers and sponsorships for the running of her operations. 100% of your tax deductible donation and gift goes towards the funding of our projects in the U.S and the Urhoboland in Nigeria.

Platinum Sponsor $1,000

Diamond Sponsor $750

Gold Sponsor $500

Silver Sponsors $250

Bronze Sponsor $100

Check donations should be made payable to URHOBO PROGRESS UNION AMERICA.